Divorce 101: Before Filing for Divorce

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This is a strong topic. It is actually the most sensitive topic among relationships, next to money. And the time leading to that event is the most stressful time for you. What happens when divorce is looming and inevitable? Do you seek help from a family law attorney? Do you prepare for property transfers? What do you do and what to expect?

If you are new in this area, well, this guide will help you through the process. Here is a list of things important in preparing for divorce. These are 5 topics that are very critical.

  1. Importance of Professional Legal Guidance. You need to know what your deed preparation rights are, also your exposure is and liabilities are. Picking the right attorney is very important. It should be the right fit to properly protect your rights and interests.
  1. Initial Consultation Preparation. How long does it take to file? How long does it take to get a response? What is a residency requirement? What is the law regarding your property rights? Here’s a tip, the more information you provide the attorney that you’re meeting with, the more you’ll get more out of it.
  1. Filing for Divorce. Consider the benefits of filing first. Is yours a fault divorce or no fault divorce? Ask your divorce paralegal about this. Is yours an uncontested divorce? It’s wherein you and your spouse both worked out and resolved the issue and agreed to present it to the court. A contested divorce is a longer process. You have to prepare yourself to trial, mentally, financially, et cetera. Make sure you choose the right attorney. Make sure it is advocating and representing your best interests. And don’t forget your jurisdiction. Make sure you are able to file in your jurisdiction that you reside in. A lot of states need a residency requirement for that state. And make sure the county that you’re filing in is beneficial to you. If you want to learn more about divorce, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer.
  1. Predicting Divorce Cost. Not just divorce is complicated and convoluted, but it also has a financial strain and the financial stress and burden that go along with it. It is actually very difficult to predict what the actual cost is. Each divorce is unique and the same time we don’t what issues will arise when a divorce is filed. So, try to determine what is the actual cost, for the unknown issues, like the decision of the judge, your spouse, and things you haven’t covered before you filed.
  1. Documentation. The more you bring in to your weaponry the more you will get out of it. It is imperative to gather documents prior to filing a divorce and how to access them too. You have to remember that once a divorce is filed trying to get those documents may not happen.

This divorce paralegal guide will help you through the process and to be effective in this game. Cheer up! You are not alone.